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W7 Acid Injection System

W7 pH Control System

W7 w/Fertigation Installed on a Large HOA

General Description

The W7 Series pH systems offer a safe reliable way of adjusting the pH of irrigation water. The systems are available in many different models with or without fertigation capability. With the capability of utilizing virtually any type of pH control agent, including sulfuric, N-phuric, etc., the W7 series offers excellent flexibility. Due to the fact that the concentrated product is never under pressure, the W7 Series has inherently better safety and reliability than competing systems incorporating pressurized injection techniques.


  • Incorporates WERECON Adaptive Auto Adjust™ system for superior accuracy
  • Redundant pH sensors ensure accuracy and reliability
  • Rugged Stainless Steel Chassis
  • Displays Current and Historical pH and Water Flow Data
  • Multiple Mechanical and Electrical Safeties
  • Expandable (More Pumps, PC Control, etc.)
  • Built-In Ethernet Connectivity using our Watcher™ Software

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