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Watcher™ Monitoring Software

W7 pH Control System

General Description

The Watcher™ Control and Monitoring software package, is the latest accessory for our popular Green Scorpion™ system control package. It allows you to monitor and control your water treatment system from a remote location. On the monitoring side, you can see all of the available screens on your Green Scorpion™ system in real time. Additionally, you can view some additional information that is recorded in the Green Scorpion™ that can’t be accessed from the main keypad, such as: 12 hour flow graphs, 30 day water usage graph, and a last hour pH graph (if you have pH control). On the control side, you can do virtually anything from the Watcher™ software that you could do from the keypad, including: rate setting, master on/off, set time and date information, reset tank levels, etc. Our competitors often make you buy special expensive controllers for the system in order to provide data connectivity. This is because their controls are usually made of a collection of off-the-shelf parts. The beauty of our system, lies in the Green Scorpion™ itself. It was built from the ground up by WERECON, and has had data communications capability all along. The Green Scorpion™ / Watcher™ system supports many different communications options, most of them wireless. Odds are, if you have a Green Scorpion™ control system, and your pump station is not on the moon, we can find an economical communications solution for you.


  • Incorporates WERECON Adaptive Auto Adjust™ system for superior accuracy
  • Redundant pH sensors ensure accuracy and reliability
  • Rugged Stainless Steel Chassis
  • Displays Current and Historical pH and Water Flow Data
  • Multiple Mechanical and Electrical Safeties
  • Expandable (More Pumps, PC Control, etc.)
  • Built-In Ethernet Connectivity using our Watcher™ Software

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