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W4 Series Fertigation

W1 Microject

W4 Left Side View

General Description

The W-4 series consists of one to three metering pumps available in seven sizes, driven by our exclusive Green Scorpion™ control system. The system is designed to be used with a all types of liquid fertilizers. The pump is motor driven and controlled using the latest VFD technology. The control system operates the pump and allows for simple rate programming, while keeping track of product usage and tank levels. The system runs proportional to flow and is ideal for Golf Course use. For more details on the control system used with this unit, please refer to our publication on the WCM-GS Green Scorpion™ Control system.


  • Liquid End is Compatible for use with all fertilizer materials
  • The unit is mounted on a rugged stainless steel frame.
  • Pre Wired and Plumbed for Easy Installation
  • High efficiency VFD design.
  • User friendly controls.
  • Expandable (More Pumps, PC Control, etc.)
  • Proudly Made in the USA

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Bulk Tank Cad Drawings

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