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W1 Series MicroJect™

W1 Microject

W1 Configured for 55Gal Drum.

General Description

The W1-Series Microject system is the smallest and most economical system in the entire WERECON line. Consisting of a .6, 1.0, or 5.4 gallon per hour pump coupled with WERECON Nanoject (TM) controlled proportional metering system. The W1-Series Microject is ideal for parks, schools and small commercial irrigation systems. It can be surface-mounted, for drums, or mounted directly to a bulk storage tank. Unlike other entry-level injection systems, the W1-Series Microject is fully proportional making it the right choice for irrigation systems with varying flow rates, such as those that include both sprinkler and drip zones on the same controller.


  • Liquid End is Compatible for use with all fertilizer materials
  • The Unit is Mounted in a Rugged Polypropylene Lockable Enclosure
  • Pre Wired and Plumbed for Easy Installation
  • Programmable NanoJect™ Microprocessor Design
  • Control and Monitor with Optional Watcher Software on a Laptop
  • Injects at up to 150PSI (Depending on Model)
  • Proudly Made in the USA

Documentation Links

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